Fashion Style Tips for Petite Women

Style is different for every body type. In this post, we provide helpful fashion styling tips that would make petite women look their best. It is all about creating an illusion of more height and less bulk.

Dress in one color – Monochromatic fashion, especially when using dark colors, is recommended for petites. Try dressing in one color from tops to shoes, even matching your tights or stocking if needed. Colors that “slim” the body include black, navy, charcoal, burgundy, deep green, and purple.

Wear clothes that fit well – Avoid clothing that are loose fitting, as well as those that have a lot of designs and layers that add bulk. Doing so would only make short women look heavier than they really are.

Choose garments with vertical lines – Vertical lines provide slimming and lengthening properties to a garment. It does not have to be striped as you can also go for dresses with vertical seams to do the trick.

Wear tops with V-necks – Tops and jackets with V- or U-shaped necklines help in creating the illusion of height.

Wear high heels – This is an easy way to add height, but not all high-heeled shoes are ideal for petite women. Go for pumps and sling-backs, but avoid shoes with ankle straps. The straps actually cuts the length further, making you appear shorter.

Avoid giant handbags – Oversized bags overwhelm short women. Choose purses that are medium in size, making it proportional to your small frame.

Avoid minis – The fashion tip about wearning mini-skirts and mini dresses to look longer do not apply for shorter women. That is because the hem of a mini-skirt worn by a petite woman usually falls across the thick section of the thigh, thus making short legs appear shorter. Dresses and skirts that fall just above the knee are your safest bet.

Use narrow belts – Just like in the case of oversized bags, thick belts could be too much for a petite lady and break the illusion of height that you want to achieve.

Wear pants with straight legs – Go for pants that do not have cuffs, bulky pockets, or pleats. This tip also applies on jeans.

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